Tuesday, October 19, 2004

SEC continues crackdown

Lefties have vowels in the mouth about corporate crime.

While Bush's SEC does something about it.

Inflation Still Tame

Inflation still low. But all those vowel happy libbies are going to be waxing poetic about Carter's presidency when you could watch your dollars evaporate in your hand.

Crack for Kerry

Only You

Can stop islamofacist fires.

David Brooks Lands a Hard Right


So nobody could imagine how incompetent, crude and over-the-top Kerry has been in this final phase of the campaign. At this point, smart candidates are launching attacks that play up the doubts voters already have about their opponents. Incredibly, Kerry is launching attacks that play up doubts voters have about him. Over the past few days, he has underscored the feeling that he will say or do anything to further his career.

That's the key, they will say and do anything - so long as you pay for it!

Lefties running scared from Rove

They call his methods "extreme", but that is only because to a left, anyone who doesn't have vowells in the mouth is too extreme. But what can you say about people who now have "shrill" as a compliment.

Don't they understand why the mainstream of America has rejected them? That they are always going over the top on their accusations? Or would that require them facing the PC roots of their own party?

Harper's Has Vowels in the Mouth

Don't they know there is a war on?

Don't they know the other side is trying to kill us?

Maybe there should be a law that all leftie magazines have to have their offices at the top of a skyscraper. Then maybe they would understand how far from being grounded they are.

Even the Lefties Admit

Don't the liberals read their own paper?

Social Security goes up by 3%. The stock market goes up by an average of 10%. So why are they against private retirement accounts rather than Socialized insecurity?

AID Worker Kidnapped.

The liberal Washington Post tells why anti-Iraqi forces have to be crushed: they are trying to kill aid workers in their own country.

How many vowels in the mouth do those losers have?

Monday, October 18, 2004

Lipstick Liberals are Whining again

Salon.com, which admits being the place for lefties who care more about their hair and nails, is complaining about how BC'04 is taking on Kitty Kelly Journalism.

It's about time that the bias over at the paper that just endorsed John French Kerry became an issue.

John Forbes Clinton People

What I want to know is, why isn't the Republican Party saying what everyone knows about John Kerry's administration: it is going to be Clinton people who've gone wonkers, backed by a few rich liberals, and squeezing its money out of Bush bashing emails. We all know it. Who else are the Democrats going to get to run the country? They haven't controlled a big state other than California for years, and Gray Davis isn't going to have much say here. The only other executive experience that the donks have is Clinton. That means, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton.

So they are going to come in, they are going to learn from the first Clinton and do something about something, and then try some smoke and mirrors scheme for stock market money. Instead of getting down to it, and doing business, they are going to have some trick.

And whose going to back it? Who has been writing the big checks. Everyone knows that George Soros, who didn't make his money selling things to people, but made it playing games with currency, is one of them. People don't get as rich as he is unless they get what they pay for. And what they have paid for is the Democratic Party. That Torcelli was bad? Were you embarassed by "No Controlling Legal Authority"?

Well it is coming, big and badder than ever. Tell everyone you know in these next few weeks how John Forbes Clinton is going to try and trick them out of their jobs again.

Andrew Sullivan has Vowels in his mouth

He criticizes Bush for being the "Walk into the Propeller President"

What does he want? The walk into the beanie President of wuberwonk Wohn Wench Werry?


Before some leftie beats you to it.

Divided We Stand

Suppose you are in the safest of states

Here is why you should vote anyway: the LA Times talks about how the lefties won't give up after merely losing. Only a landslide will end the divisions that are weakening our resolve. With fighting going on right now in Fallujah, can we afford to weaken our resolve?

Wall Street Journal Warns On Ohio

Thousands of felons nearly helped them steal Florida in 2000. Now they are setting up the same conditions in Ohio.

And Blogs for Bush warns on how Florida is at risk.

Things Sound French

Fortunately LGF translates for us.

See LGF - no vowels in the mouth.

Time to solve the puzzle.

John French Kerry, if he is President, won't solve things, he'll just stand there and try and buy a vowel. Even when there aren't any more to be had. As anyone can see, the Federal Goverment is too big, and needs to have an axe laid to the base of all those programs that don't work. If they were worth doing, someone would start a business and do them. When the government gets out, small business will take up the slack, and the academics studying the mating habits of spotted owls will have to get real jobs. Like say, mapping logging roads into the forest.

The first Bush term was all about cleaning up a mess of Clintonian proportions. It isn't just blue dresses that Clinton left his stain on, it was the honor of the country. It wasn't just "is" that he was fuzzy about, it was the smoke and mirrors deficits and loose morals. Looseness that lead to crime on Wall Street and the stock market overheating and going bust. If he had just slashed government spending, we would not have had an overheating economy. But like LBJ, he wanted to buy another term in the White House, and the American people, by a hair, stopped that from happening.

The second Bush term will be a chance to carry on the Reagan Legacy. But it will take more than just him winning. In 1973 the lefties hunted a President that had won a landslide, over election tricks that were puny compared to their stealing the 1960 election, and rigging votes in the South for decades. Which means that every race counts, Oklahoma, Alaska and Florida particularly.

What needs to be done? It isn't hard to solve this puzzle: God helps those who help themselves. That is why free markets work, because people get an incentive to do something for someone else, at the same time help themselves. That's why the endless government hand outs never ended poverty, because people got money, and had no incentive to get back to work.

Which means, something like post communist Russia, there is going to be a long hard pull. People have to be taught to work for themselves again. Thatcher started in even in state industry England, so it can be done. Of course the lefties will cry about the pain. That is why I say they have "vowels in the mouth", because they never want to say or do anything that is hard.

But let me ask you something about those latte liberals who were earning 50 dollars and hour and are now complaing about outsourcing. The average American makes 17 dollars an hour. I bet if all those computer geeks worked for 17 dollars an hour, like the average person the jobs wouldn't be going to China and India. Will they try it? No they will try and buy the election, first with Howard Scream and now with John French Kerry. But who pays for those salaries? You do, I do, with higher prices.

So don't let them steal your money by buying your election and turning out your President. Your country depends on it.

The French Don't Bite

A Vote For Kerry is a Vote For Vowels

Want another reason to vote against Kerry? How about Senator Barney Frank? If Kerry wins, then there is a special election for his seat. And they don't call it the People's Republic of Cambridge for nothing.

Property is Liberty

Long thoughtful post from Give Me Liberty.

No Wishy-Washington speak there.

They're HERE!

Cluebat is hiting for power today with this item. On terrorists hiding in mosques here. So next time someone gives you vowels in the mouth about profiling, remind them of fifth columnists.

And give them a copy of her book for Christmas.

My Political Compass Score

The Political Compass

6.3 Left/right
2.5 Authoritarian

Probably because I believe that people should fight for God and Country.

It's simple

Nuisance means Lots of vowels in the mouth. Soft on crime, soft on Islamicism, soft on inflation.

Morale Failure

It's only a small incident. But it should be a warning to us about what happens when people question the mission or the leadership in time of war. Troops fight because they believe, and it is clear that Kerry doesn't believe. And that weakens the will to do the mission. How many more failures of morale will it take before people realize that cheerleading for failure makes failure more likely to win?

Instapundit Kicks the Vowels Out of their Mouth

Canada to lefties: Stop trying to put our vowels in your mouth!

Lefties want something for nothing, whether it is fiat money they can print at will, or "Look, up in Canada, cheap drugs!". And notice how the leftie government of Canada is all big on helping people, so long as it doesn't cost them anything. Stupids - if you want lower prices, let the free market take over!

Sore Loserman in Afghanistan

Once again, a news story that is only covered by fair and balanced news: sore losers claim election fraud. Maybe they are warming up for trying it here after Bush wins by 8 points the way Gallup is predicting.

Why is it that

The lefties scream about holocaust denial, and then won't follow Fox New's lead in covering Saddam's killing fields.

Genocide is only genocide if it happens in Africa?

Freedom of Religion means Freedom in the Markets

Why is it that "secularists" don't like Free Markets? I don't know, but India, after shining in growth is in danger of sliding back in to socialist secularism as the "Congress" Party tightens its grip on power.

It's not nice because of PC to say that "idle hands are the devil's workshop", but can't we at least admit the truth: God wants us to be happy, and he has laid down moral rules that will lead people to the happiest way of life, and that means freedom to worship openly, and to work freely. And that means without OSHA, AFL-CIA, AFSCME and all the other acronyms that really spell "fewer jobs for working people? India had a state run disaster economy for decades until the public there turned to morality and capitalism. Now they are sliding back.

See BJP - no vowels in the mouth.

Real Liberals hate Big Goverment

Real liberals are like this: against supra-national "Global Tests" for anything, corporate states like France and Germany that kill employment and anti-freedom policies in the market.

Free Markets and Sovereignty make free people? What's it going to take to get all of those vowels out of Shroeder's mouth?

Financial Times Gets it:

Bush critics are extreme and reckless, because A Failure in Iraq is dangerous for all.

How simple can it get? The hezbians in the US and UK support Hezbolah and Hezbo-Ba'ath. They've got vowels in the mouth, you know what I mean?

Islamofacism Spreads

Everyone knows the Emirate of Fallujah, as the anti-Iraq gangsters are styling themselves now, is part of the global islamofacist conspiracy. Now maybe even the lefties will see that we need to go in there for the same reason we went into Afghanistan: Because it is harboring the newest Al-Qaeda big wig.

The war in Iraq is now the central front in the war on terrorism, because it is Zarqawi (who the left leaning NPR questioned the importance of) who is bombing our people in Baghdad and planning bigger strikes. We've beaten bin Laden, now it is time to take out his thugs before they globalize what is happening in Iraq.

Maybe even Thomas Friedman will spit those vowels back out of his mouth and support the President's plan to make us safer. And all the other supporters of HezboBa'athism should admit that their slowing down our offensive and trying to weaken our resolve has only helped the Hezbians in Iraq and Israel spread more death and terror.

Bipartisanship in Action

The left bank of the Hudson finally gets it. When Congress and our Heroic President work together, we get a security budget through and everyone is safer. Why is it that people are allowing the obstructionists in the Senate Minority to get in the way of making our cities, streets and airports safer.

Maybe they like Osama and Saddam too much. They've got vowels in the mouth - tough talk one side, and obstructionism the other.

High Court Going Wishy-Washington?

Can you hear the cheering from the Leftie Associated Press? Supreme Court orders review of Texas Redistricting. This is a big fight, after finally ending decades of corruption in drawing districts in Texas, denying Republicans a chance to vote for the party they want in power in Washington DC, we may see a return to that Baines of liberty Lyndonocracy, as in LBJerrymander.

Get the word out on this people, the lower court found the rules good, and Texas should be able to run their own affairs without Wishy-Washingtonians getting all high and mighty about it.

Lefties Hate Free Speech

If this were Unfair-enheit 911, they'd be cheering the news. But because it takes on John French Kerry - the lefties want to sabotage the free market. If people didn't like Sinclair broadcasting, they would watch something else.

Once again, the lefties claim to love speech on one side, and then scream when faced with a challenge to their ideas. It's vowels in the mouth I tell you. Listen to French - all vowels in the mouth.

And while we are reading Britain in the Red

Here's what the UK parlie being in the pink gets you, an energy crisis.

Who would have thought it, discourage people from drilling and building power plants, and you don't have enough power. Does it get any more obvious than that? Tony Blair could figure it out, and that is why he helped back our liberation of Iraq from the Hezbo-Ba'ath. Meanwhile his party still backs all those hesbian policies that should have gone out of fashion with bricks from the Berlin wall.

They've got vowels in the mouth - holding on to power because of backing victory in Iraq, and then trying to sneak the same kind of socialism at home.

Anglicans Come to their Senses

Even the ultra-leftie Guardian has to report this important victory for the bible: moritorium on the divisive practice of ordaining clergy who can't keep God's prohibitions on Sodomy.

No more communion from people with vowels in the mouth.

Free Speech for Freedom

Get your copy of Unfit for Command

Offer expires November 7th - not long after the lefties hope for winning anything not involving lottery tickets.

Anyone who has listened to Kerry talk, with his big boring tones knows he could never give orders. He's got vowels in the mouth, you know what I mean?

Kerry Flip Flops on Catholicism

The leftie Washington Post reports how Kerry is flip flopping on his religion. He's anti-life, and now wants to be pro-Catholic. Does that mean he's for the Pope after being against the Pope? What's next? Wait, we already know, he's going to be for the Constitution after being against the 2nd Amendment.

He's got vowels in the mouth, you know what I mean? All wishy-washington.

Kerry to nuke tree huggers?

I'm tired of all this nonsense. We need patriots to stand up and tell the truth now. John Kerry and all those other lefties are trying to confuse the election. Listen to all his tough talk in the election so far. He'd kill the terrrorists? Like hell! According to the government the most common kind of terrorism is ecoterrorism. Kerry gonna kill his base in Oregon and Washington - i DON't think SO!

So that's what I'm going to do, tell the truth about what is really going on. Do you know what I'm saying?